39 (the day of the fat smacks)

Today was the first official day of the CrossFit Open. For 5 weeks, a weekly workout prescribed by headquarters is posted on the official site, and anyone who wants to participate in the competition can. The first official workout was posted last night: AMRAP Burpees, 7 minutes.

“This workout begins from the standing position. The Athlete will move from flat on the ground to touching an object with both hands that is 6 inches above their max reach. Score is total reps completed.”

These are burpees with a little something extra: that 6 inch jump at the top, which I didn’t find to be too difficult. And I am happy that the competition began with a movement that nearly anyone can execute. Anyway, one key to a good (or, rather, a fast, efficient burpee) is dropping down quickly — essentially smacking the frontside of yourself (thighs, stomach, chest) to the floor. Colbey and I nicknamed burpees “fat smacks” for this reason. I’ve some nice bruising on my knees to show for it.

In other news, there’s been chatter around the CrossFit York Nutrition Quest Campfire (that is, the Facebook group) about people noticing a reduction in their appetite. To be clear, that has not been the case for me. If anything, I’m still always feeling hungry (or feeling afraid of getting hungry). And at the weigh-in today, I clocked the exact same poundage as I did 39 days ago. Not an ounce less (in fact, the scale said I gained 2/10 of a pound).

one egg scrambled with half a red pepper, some onion, some mushrooms, and one turkey sausage link (see pic above; it’s mostly vegetables; the egg is basically a condiment)
coffee + coconut milk

half a grilled chicken breast sliced and reheated with some broccoli and brussels

20 almonds + 4 small dates
small piece of dark chocolate
1/3 C dried blueberries

20 almonds + 4 small dates
handful of god-awful pumpkin seeds (oh, they’re horrible)

handful of veggie chips

small bit (2-3 ozs) of roast beast with some boiled parsnips, yams, and onion

WOD: AMRAP 7 minutes: burpees + six-inch jump; 93 reps completed.


2 thoughts on “39 (the day of the fat smacks)

  1. Kathy: we are getting all kinds of stuff measured. My body fat percentage did not change; however, I did measure less around my waist, thighs, hips, and chest. So, I weigh the same, and my overall body make-up is the same, but I’m smaller by a little bit (not much).

    Also, I’ve got my period this week, which probably makes things all wonky and wrong.

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