day thirty-six (aka Colbey deals paleo crack)

My life changed forever today: 1) I was introduced to paleo-crack-brownies. I am officially ruined; and 2) We bought a mini-van. I am officially an OLD FUDDY-DUDDY. But a happy fuddy-duddy with a vehicle that fits Jackson’s hockey sticks, multiple hockey bags, and enough seats (7) and cup-holders (we counted about 13) to make the entire family pleasant on road trips. [I’m also happy because I have some brownies crack left.]

half an acorn squash + one turkey sausage + 1/2 tsp honey
coffee + coconut milk

leftover Sweet Potato Cottage Pie (oohhh, ugh. getting sick of this.)
half an apple + 2 sticks of celery + spoonful of almond butter + coconut flakes

one of Colbey’s amazing paleo brownies [Note: Colbey substituted honey for the agave. She promised I would only be able to eat one at time… I probably could have eaten two, easily. She lies. LIES. I’m currently resisting the urge to eat ANOTHER ONE.]
20 almonds + 4 small dates

(Here’s the point in my day where we traded in our nice little sporty Ford Focus for a MINI-VAN.)

half a small bag of pork rinds (This is another Colbey-induced treat. She was right…oh, they are good.)

brussels sprouts + sliced portobello mushrooms cooked in a little bacon grease (NOTE: The portobello mushrooms have significantly more flavor and body than the standard faire white button mushrooms. Worth the extra $$.)

Today’s WOD was excellent: 2 cleans, 4 front squats, 6 push jerks, 10 sit-ups, 20 double-unders. We did as many rounds as possible for 8 minutes (2 minute rest), 6 minutes (2 minute rest) and then 4 minutes. After each rest we increased the weight for the cleans-squats-jerks. My weights were 75, 85, and 95, and I completed 9 total rounds + 2 cleans, 4 squats, and 3 jerks.


2 thoughts on “day thirty-six (aka Colbey deals paleo crack)

  1. Note that I also put the brownies in a family resistant container (unsweetened Greek yogurt: child repellant). I saved it especially for this purpose.

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