day thirty-three

Some last-minute family in town today meant dinner out at Vito’s…

We all know this doesn’t end well, 🙂 but I enjoyed myself.

One egg scrambled w mushrooms, red pepper, and onion
Coffee + coconut milk (for the record, I wasn’t thrilled. Coconut milk raw is too fatty-tasting.)

One hard-boiled egg
One cold grilled chicken breast
A few dried cranberries

Small piece of dark chocolate

One serving of almonds w some dried cranberries (yes, I know what I said about nuts a couple days ago… Forget I said that.)

Small iceberg salad w tomato and balsamic vinaigrette
6 hot wings
1 meatball
3 large onion rings
[So, even though my dinner was a huge fail, I’m not going to feel too badly about it. I was surrounded by pizza and cheese fries and beer. If could have turned out a whole lot worse.]

WOD: 21-15-9 of clusters and double-unders. I finished in about 12:00 minutes (?). I always forget to look.


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