day thirty-one

I forgot to drink coffee this morning. How about that. I guess I have created a new habit — tea in the morning. (We’ll see if I forget tomorrow!)

According to my family, I have created another new habit in the past weeks: a hollering, yelling, habit of impatience. Now, as an academic, I understand that correlation itself does not prove causation. That is, just because I became a cranky bitch about a week into this diet (and because — apparently — I continue to have temper tantrums) does not mean the diet is the reason for my mood.

My family is not convinced. I hear them whispering in the kitchen, “How much longer is the paleo thing?”

In my defense, we have a serious lack of discipline and respect going on right now with ALL the children, and I’m tired of repeating myself and being argued with about stuff that shouldn’t need repeating or arguing about. Brush your teeth. Put on your jacket. Get off the computer and come sit at the dinner table with the family. Pick up your laundry. Do not eat at the computer desk. Don’t leave your gross uneaten bowl of cereal on the living room floor. STOP HAVING MEANINGLESS ARGUMENTS WITH ONE ANOTHER THAT HAVE NO OTHER PURPOSE THAN TO ANTAGONIZE. Etc. Etc. Ad naseum. So, it might just be a coincidence that, about the same time I stopped eating sugar, I also became fed up with the amount of bullshit kid management I must employ.

Regardless, I’m going to run an experiment-within-the-experiment over the next couple of days: I’m not eating nuts again. Instead, I’m going to eat pumpkin seeds, which are too salty and hard to chew for me to eat them in large quantities. Additionally, I’m going to eat a small piece of dark chocolate when I crave raisins and dates. I know I can eat the little chocolate squares with some restraint, because I know they’re counting against me. If this challenge going to work for me, I have to find a way to stop eating 2500 calories of nuts every day. Seriously.

I’m also hoping that the little bit of treaty goodness will make me less of a bitch. That is, if I am indeed manifesting some stress-induced moodiness that is borne out of psychological deprivation (can you tell I’ve been doing some reading?), then maybe the small treats will have a counteractive effect.

3 yam-apple-zucchini pancakes (this time with a small small teaspoon of honey) and ONE SLICE of bacon. (I cooked half a package, and the kids swarmed in like locusts.)
tea + almond milk

2/3 grilled chicken breast, sliced and reheated with some onion, half a red pepper, and some mushrooms

1 small piece of dark chocolate (88 calories worth)

leftover chicken vegetable soup
tea + almond milk

one apple with a spoonful of almond butter

about a quarter cup of pumpkin seeds

WOD: 5 rounds for time of 50 double-unders, 5 snatches, 10 overhead squats, 15 toes to bar. It took me well over 30 minutes, partially because I’m still learning how to snatch and squat properly, and partially because I’m slow and weak! Grrrr.


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