[Forgive the long post.] One third of the way through this madness. Today at the box (that’s our CrossFit term for “gym,” because it’s really not a gym in the traditional sense; it’s a warehouse with some barbells and some pull-up bars) we did the baseline again, as we did on the first day of the challenge. The baseline is: Row 500 M, 40 air squats, 30 sit ups, 20 hand-release push ups, 10 pull-ups.
We also determined, again, our Deadlift 1 Rep Max.

So, one month ago, my baseline was 5:30, and my DL 1RM was 195#. Since then, I‘ve made a new DL 1RM PR of 205#) — incidentally, this was only 10 days ago. It seems like that was eons ago.

Today, my baseline was 5:14, and I picked up 215#. Anecdotally, this data suggests my performance is improving. We’ll test these again at 60 and 90 days, and there are some other workouts we’ll be doing to create comparisons. I think I have an advantage in this area, though, because I am still relatively new to Crossfit and have a lot of room for improvement. A whole lot. On the other hand, that baseline workout, even though it only lasts about 5 minutes, is a real killer. It’s 5 minutes of the hardest work I’ve ever done — maybe outside childbirth. But at least in child birth your body gives you a rest in between contractions. This baseline business is like one 5-minute long hellacious contraction. Apologies to my readers who have not experienced labor contractions (nix that — how lucky you are to have not lived through such hell). If you’ve done the baseline, however, that uncontrollable shaky-legged burning of your entire body while someone encourages you to KEEP WORKING GO HARDER comes pretty close.

All of that is to say: today when I finished the baseline workout, I thought to myself, “There is NO POSSIBLE WAY I could ever, ever do that any faster than I just did.” So, if I can improve that time, I’ll surprise myself.

This week we also have the weigh-ins and measurements, and the prospect of this makes me a little uneasy. I am not losing weight or girth, for sure. In fact, my middle seems to be just a little bigger than it was before Christmas. I do believe it’s all the nucking futs I’m eating. And the almond butter, which I will have to quit purchasing, it seems, as I will just eat that with whatever random fruit or vegetable I can find. Also, I keep eating raisins.


Well, the good news is that I have 60 more days to figure out how to make this really work for me. You’ll have noticed, dear reader, that I’ve avoided thus far making any treats or sweets — I’ve not purchased almond or coconut flour, I’m not making muffins or date bars or brownies. I’ve done this because I’m fairly certain that any treat I made would end in disaster; that is, I’d eat the whole batch myself in one sitting like I used to do with Rice Krispie Treats. <— That is also an interesting post because it shows how anti-low-carb I once was…Lo, back in 2004.

Plus, anytime I sit down to eat some dates or dried fruit, I know I'm eating for fun.

3 yam and apple AND ZUCCHINI pancakes. I replaced half the yam and apples in the original recipe (one yam to 4 small apples) with a whole zucchini. So this batch was half a yam, two apples, and one zucchini. The effort here was to reduce the sweet potato-apple-sugary goodness. [Yes, the effort was to reduce the goodness.] I'm not sure I enjoyed them as much as I normally enjoy the regular yam-apple recipe — in fact I know I didn't because half way through the second pancake I considered spreading some ALMOND BUTTER on it. But I didn't.
tea + almond milk

half a grilled chicken breast, sliced and re-heated with mushrooms, onions, and half a red pepper

pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, raisins, and dates (I am now officially out of raisins and dates.)

two small apples (ran out of celery) chopped into chunks with a spoonful of almond butter and sprinkled with sunflower seeds (I probably have three servings left in the current jar of almond butter. This is something else I have to either ration or avoid completely in the future.)

Valentine’s Day Dinner (is going to be):
[probably around 8:30]
pan-cooked pork chop with roasted broccoli and steamed cauliflower


2 thoughts on “day THIRTY!

  1. So, it’s day 30. I’ve been waiting for a coffee update. No coffee? Or?? (Don’t worry, I drank enough coffee for the both of us today).

  2. Heather: I think I had to go 30 whole days before I could drink coffee, so technically today (31) was the first coffee day.

    I forgot. I forgot to drink coffee. I must have truly broken the habit. Or, I’ve deprived my brain of proper nutrition for so long that it clearly is not functioning properly anymore.

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