day twenty-eight

If I understand the madness of this challenge correctly, I can drink coffee after 30 days. I cannot wait. I am happy that I can live without coffee; I have proven this to myself. However, I will be happy to live WITH it again.

Mmmm. Coffee. I could have used one this morning at 5:30.

early morning wake-up (on the way to Newark, DE):
tea + almond milk

breakfast (In the stands of the U of DE hockey rink; many hockey parents wondered what the hell I was eating):
apple and celery chunks in a tablespoon of almond butter
sliced leftover grilled chicken in some balsamic vinegar

pork carnitas with onions, jalapeños, and tomato (@ Fiesta Mexico)

snack (eaten while in the waiting room of the vet — again):
almonds, cashews, and raisins

one zucchini, some onion, and some red pepper sautéed in olive oil with some tomato meat sauce on the side
glass of almond milk

No WOD; rest.


3 thoughts on “day twenty-eight

  1. Did any of the hockey parents have the guts to actually ask you what you were eating? I’m thinking that was a pretty fun experience……..

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