day twenty-two

This week begins my no-nut crusade. The effort is primarily to cut down on my mindless eating-while-driving, and nuts are generally the culprit for that. I’m noticing too that I often eat based on what needs to get eaten — leftovers and older vegetables tend to take priority; hence, the whole bag of celery I ate today. It had been in the crisper so long that it wasn’t really as crispy as it should have been.

one egg cooked blintz-style (super-flat omelet) filled with salsa and half an avocado
tea + avocado milk

two guacamole deviled eggs (two halves, that is)
5 celery sticks (5 whole sticks, mind you, not just some wimpy crudite-half-stick) with a bit of almond butter spread on each. [I’m hoping this doesn’t count as “nuts.” My logic is that I cannot snack, unchecked, on almond butter.]

3 more sticks of celery with a little bit of almond butter

sliced grilled chicken sprinkled with some balsamic vinegar
raw snap peas

pumpkin seeds (look how I’ve already found a substitution for the nuts! Yes, I was driving!)

three more sticks of celery with a little almond butter (I had to eat the celery — it was getting old and almost-rubbery).

WOD: warm-up was 20 pull-ups, 30 double-unders, 40 hollow rocks. Workout: 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 of kettlebell swings, horn squats, push-jerks, and Russian twists. I used 35# and the push-jerks were miserable. By the time I was doing 6s and 5s, I could barely get it up over my head with my left arm. And it took me FOREVER. I was the last one done at the 10:00 session. CrossFit is a fickle mistress — one day you’re on her good side rocking a PR, and the next you’re a miserable mess and she hates your guts.


One thought on “day twenty-two

  1. Hmmm. I can think of many ways to snack mindlessly on almond butter (Spoon, meet almond butter). Not that I’ve been there or anything.

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