day. twenty. one.

Holy good gravy — three weeks. No doubt this has been the longest stretch of time I’ve ever positively, drastically altered my eating. (I plan, at some point in this process, to come clean about my “eating past,” which will probably be quite surprising to some, and quite familiar to others.)

I was on my own this afternoon with Joshua; his game was in Lancaster, Jack’s was in West Chester. So Brian and I divvied up the hockey gear and went our separate ways. I ate an early-ish, decent breakfast and we left the house at about 10. By the time we left the rink around 1, I was so hungry I could have eaten my own arm off. And I had NOTHING. Normally I keep a Larabar or a Raw Revolution bar in the glove box or a container of nuts in the console or something. But I cleaned the car out last week after realizing that 1) I eat when I drive because I’m bored, and 2) I am always. always. always. driving. So, my logic was that if there’s food in the car, I’ll eat it whether I need to or not; therefore, I removed it. (Here again I could refer to bad avoidance techniques I’ve used in the past with food — ever throw out an entire box of Girl Scout cookies, a perfectly good, unopened box, simply so you will NOT eat them?) Clearly, removing the emergency snacks from the car was an ill-conceived plan — I’d be better off if I could just find another way to distract myself while I’m driving. At any rate, holy gawd I was hungry. Hungry like a bear coming out of hibernation: hungry-mean. We stopped at the grocery store on the way home so that I could pick up some avocados to make Joe’s Guacamole Deviled Eggs, and I picked up some pumpkin seeds (to munch on the drive home! See??!).

I survived about an hour’s worth of gut-gnawing hunger today. I will make my best attempt to avoid being that hungry from now on because it could have ended badly: me sharing Joshua’s post hockey Capri Sun and Tastykake. The challenge this week will be to take nuts out of the equation, since I’m eating them too often and they’re taking up space in my diet that should be taken up by protein.

One egg scrambled with onion, mushrooms, and 2 crumbled links of turkey sausage
tea + almond milk

pumpkin seeds

Snack #2:
about 3 oz of grilled chicken warmed in the pan with olive oil, onion, and a whole zucchini
2 clementines

Snack #3:
a serving of cashews
one hard-boiled egg
about 1 oz of sliced grilled chicken, eaten as I made Jackson a sandwich

two guacamole deviled eggs (well, two halves). I made four halves, but the whole egg, cashews, and bites of chicken I’d eaten earlier were heavy in my belly.

No WOD today — I’m quite sore from yesterday’s adventure, so I was happy to have the day off.


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