day twenty

Eleanor Roosevelt said: “Do one thing every day that scares you.” Today, I did something that scared the crap out of me; I participated in CrossFit Hershey’s St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, a CrossFit throwdown.

During the drive up this morning, my legs shook and my stomach felt wobbly. Fortunately, Brian and the boys came so I had a chauffeur and an entourage of moral support.

I checked in and we nosed around Hershey’s box: their facility is huge compared to my modest CrossFit York, but the warehouse-style, do-it-yourself nature of the place and the incredibly friendly people made me feel right at home. I was grateful to meet up with Jim and Kim, familiar and friendly faces from CFY. After a quick meeting to explain the standards of movements for the athletes, the first workout began: 3 rep max dead lift, and 2 minutes total box jumps.*

After a quick warm-up, I worked in on a bar with some women from CrossFit 717 and from a New Jersey box. They were incredibly friendly. (I know I keep saying how nice everyone was. I will probably keep saying it. It’s because I mean it.) They were loading the bar up pretty fast, and before I knew it we’d gone from 195 (my previous 3 rep max) to 205, and I figured, well, OK, I’ll try. I’ve been trying to get past 195 for a little while, now, and so I thought the adrenaline of being scared shitless out of my mind might help me pick it up.

I totally picked it up, but only once. But still! I picked it up!! 205! [I know for really fit, really strong CrossFitters and Olympic lifters that a 205# dead lift is a joke. But this was a big deal for me, so humor me.] So we dropped it down to 200, and I totally picked it up three times:

Then I went over to the boxes and did 40 box jumps (24″) in 2 minutes. Not bad, but not great.

The next workout was 3 rounds for time: 400 M run, 21 kettlebell swings @ 35#, 12 pull-ups, and 10 clean and jerks @ 65#. I was fortunate enough to go in the very first heat; also, I was fortunate enough to miss that there was a 20 minute cap. The run was fine; the KB swings fine; the pull-ups, however, were a bear. The pull-up bar was SLICK, and the woman who was working the bar across from me was nearly kicking me (or maybe I was nearly kicking her). So, I kept waiting for her to rest in between her sets before I started my own. The cleans and jerks were OK; mostly I was afraid of getting “no-repped” (when the judges discount one of your attempts because it wasn’t executed properly), so I was focused on form rather than speed. So, the pull-ups and the cleans and jerks were probably extra slow. It wasn’t until the last round of C & J that my judge said something like, “2 minutes left.” And even then I didn’t really understand what he meant. Only after I finished in 19:14 and the clock beeped 46 seconds later did I realize how close I was.

Sadly, I couldn’t stay for the last workout. While the event was really well-organized, and the workouts were moving along at a decent clip, there were so many athletes that things were taking a long time. I had to get back to Bel Air to run the ballet taxi.

Next year, I’ll make sure to have the whole day free. It was hugely fun. CrossFit and CrossFit people are wonderful.

Food for today:
three yam and pear pancakes
tea + almond milk

Post Workout #1 Snack:
Raw Revolution Bar
I suspect this may be a “cheat,” since it has agave, but I was NOT feeling all the meat balls and roast pork and chicken breasts — though delicious I’m sure they were — that were out for the athletes at the event.

Post Workout #2 Snack:
1 small pear
1 small apple
small handful of almonds

Dinner #1:
grilled chicken breast reheated in some olive oil with mushrooms, onions, and orange pepper

Dinner #2 (post-ballet taxi):
freshly grilled chicken breast with snap peas
glass of almond milk
small (small!) handful of banana chips

*I did the scaled WODs; the Rx WODs were slightly different, generally with more advanced movement or more weight. Baby steps!


3 thoughts on “day twenty

  1. Holy shit, that’s the way to do pullups?! You made it look easy. And that kettlebell swing thing looks fun (like chopping wood fun…seriously). How much does it weigh?

  2. Hey Kathy: those are called “kipping” pull-ups. I can also do dead hang or “strict” pull-ups, but they take longer and I can only do a couple before I’m out of juice. The kip recruits your core muscles, giving you a little momentum. So, they’re a little bit easier than the regular marine-style pull-ups.

    The kettlebells are great — you can get them from Target, and there’s a bazillion different movements you can do with them. I was swinging 35#, which is a little bit light (but I wasn’t complaining!).

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