day nineteen

Well, we got word today that Hannah was accepted into ABT’s summer intensive, but she did not get selected for a scholarship… I knew she would get in, but I wasn’t sure about the scholarship. Without it, she will probably be unable to attend. So, that news kind of put a damper on the day.

The other news is that next week I’ll be OFF NUTS. Apparently, my nut habit is out of control, and that I’m thwarting any gains (additional weight loss, especially) by eating nuts all the time. At least I have the weekend to figure out what on earth I’ll eat instead when I need to munch.

one egg scrambled with red peppers and mushrooms
tea + almond milk

4 slices of bacon cooked with some brussels sprouts (I finally finished that dad gum bag of brussels… but I really liked them in the bacon fat. Hm. Mayhap I’ll have to go buy some more.)
a handful of cashews, pistachios, and almonds

chicken breast (grilled leftover) warmed up in the pan with some olive oil, onions, and orange peppers
handful of dried green beans

6 oz grilled filet and steamed green beans
handful of almonds
cup of almond milk

WOD: none today; resting again for the Massacre tomorrow in Hershey. I’m more nervous for this CrossFit event than I EVER was for a race. Nervous enough to consider NOT going.


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