day seventeen

Augh. I’m getting behind!

tea + almond milk
3 yam and PEAR pancakes (We were out of apples! this is a tasty substitution, but I did not add the cinnamon and clove, which to me might have not paired with the pear! Like what I did there?)

A rushed couple of leftover pancakes from breakfast and some cauliflower dal from the night before (I’ve decided I really do not like it at all. But I hate to waste the whole head of cauliflower, entire eggplant, and other vegies that I put in there.)

Sunflower seeds, pepitos, dates, and raisins
tea + almond milk (My favorite variety now is the Celestial Seasonings Bengal Spice with the almond milk. It’s delicious — and doesn’t even have caffeine!)

Cashews, raisins, almonds. I know. I’m going to turn into a nut.

Spaghetti squash with the meatsauce Brian made for everyone else’s dinner. It was a Bertoli Sauce, and only after I began eating it did I ask him to check the jar for sugar, which it of course had. Yay me! Yay burpees!

Partner row. Take turns rowing until total meters rowed = 7K. Person not rowing must complete 50 mountain climbers while waiting to hop back on the rower.


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