day sixteen

I’ve been having trouble keeping track of days. Is it fourteen? Seventeen? Does it matter?

(Oh yesss it does. Because on day THIRTY, y’all, I’m drinking a cup of coffeeee!)

I am also having trouble keeping dental floss in the house. Eating meat for nearly every meal means I’m flossing *constantly*. So, if I manage any gains at all from this eating challenge, it will be that I have a significant reduction in plaque.

I went to visit a friend and her new baby at the hospital today during lunch, which meant I didn’t have enough time to make anything to eat. So I left the house with two servings of nuts, a serving of dried green beans, and a Honey Crisp apple. Something is better than nothing, I guess.

about 2oz leftover filet mignon scrambled with one egg
tea + almond milk

almonds, cashews, and dried green beans
1 large apple
mint tea

about 2 ozs leftover filet with some broccoli

The last of the raisins, dates, and apricots in my house. Probably a full cup’s worth, which is a lot.

cauliflower dal: steamed pureed cauliflower cooked with ginger, garlic, onions, garam masala, and some chili pepper + eggplant, zucchini, and yellow squash
(I tweaked a recipe from this month’s _Runner’s World_ by removing the lentils and making the cauliflower into the dal. I’m not too excited about this dish, so I won’t post a recipe until I improve it. But it was edible, so I ate it.)

21-15-9 thrusters and pull-ups. 10:16. This is a PR for me, since the first time I did Fran I used a band assist for the pull-ups.


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