day fifteen

Today was marked by constant rushing. I’m learning how to throw some random vegetables and meat in a pan, throw in an egg, and eat standing in the kitchen while I load the dishwasher. Actually, I should be honest: I’ve always been able to eat standing in the kitchen while I loaded the dishwasher; however, usually it’s a granola bar or a bagel or some kind of no-prep, no-utensil convenience food. Now I must first COOK something (which increases the need to rush) and then I must eat it with a damn fork.

An overripe pear, eaten over the trashcan by the back door as I rushed out of the house.
Tea + almond milk

Six bacon-wrapped shrimp + broccoli

Two eggs, red pepper, onion, and a scant ounce or two of smoked salmon all scrambled together.

almonds, cashews, and dried green beans (one measured serving each as a nice little no-fruit trail mix)

a fresh fruit cup from Starbucks (grapes, blueberries, a few apples slices, a couple hunks of melon)
mint tea

glass of almond milk

AMRAP 20 of 5 ring dips, 10 hand-release push-ups, 15 V-ups, and 20 double-unders. I completed 7 full rounds. The first round, I cranked out the 5 ring dips unbroken; however, subsequent rounds were excruciatingly slow because the ring dips become nearly impossible as I fatigue. Grrr.


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