day fourteen

Happy birthday to me! Another weekend successfully endured without alcohol, fast food, or cookies. I should mention here how supportive and encouraging my whole family has been, especially Brian.

I did have a dear friend bring over some of her most delicious homemade frosted sugar cookies (and then she promptly went and had a baby! cookie-making is the best kind of nesting!!) that I had to seal in some plastic and put into the freezer. My family will be able to PROVE its support of me by pretending Mary’s cookies are not in the freezer and leaving them the hell alone for the next 10 weeks. Step off my cookies!

I do miss cookies. And coffee.

Desperate attempt to wake myself (cannot be called breakfast):
tea with almond milk [25]

two scrambled eggs, two sausage patties, two strips of bacon, and a side of green beans [190 + 120 + 120 + 70]
@ Cracker Barrell after a FANTASTIC hockey game

cashews [160] and almonds [170], one serving each (I’m actually measuring them now to avoid eating too many.)

dried green beans from Trader Joe’s [130]

Birthday dinner!!
10 chipotle lime bacon-wrapped shrimp [Here’s my recipe for the week, guys. It is another one of Brian’s specialties, and they are amazing!!] [260]
a handful of brussels cooked in garlic (really, now, I’m not feeling too sick of these yet; and yes — I’m still eating the same damn bag I bought two weeks ago).[80]
about 4oz grilled filet mignon, medium-rare (Brian is a grilling machine) [233]
a bonus date-ball-treat (dates and walnuts rolled in cocoa powder) from another friend: it was delicious, amazing, and had a candle in it. I have great friends. [I’m guessing here, probably about 120]

total: 1678.

No WOD today, just a lot of cheering at hockey games.


One thought on “day fourteen

  1. Happiest of days! Hien and I went to cracker barrel today, too, but we missed you by about an hour. Unless, of course, you were at an away game. Then perhaps we missed you several miles.

    We should make some time to catch up for realz instead of just running into each other in random places. I’d even be ok if it were over some tea and handsful of nuts. Also, you’re pretty incredible for sticking with this thing. Kudos to you.

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