day ten

If you happened to be behind me yesterday afternoon, traveling south on I81, I promise I wasn’t drunk. I was trying to peel a hard-boiled egg while I was driving Hannah to the studio. It occurs to me now that I could probably peel them before I leave the house. Oops.

tea with almond milk
about 4 oz steak + one egg scrambled with some mushrooms
(As a good friend once said, “When you have steak for breakfast, your WHOLE DAY is better.”)

Roasted pork with apple gravy (still as lovely as ever)
4 sad little radishes I found in the crisper
dried vegies
tea with almond milk

1 hard-boiled egg
dried vegies

2 fists of baby carrots

1 rotisserie chicken breast
steamed broccoli and green beans

WOD: Olympic Lift Total [1 rep max clean and jerk + 1 rep max snatch]
clean and jerk: 108#
snatch: 73#


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