day seven

Well, I made it a whole week, including two weekend days of traveling for hockey. I had some, er, movement issues earlier this week that I think have worked themselves out. So far, so good. So.

one egg scrambled with peppers, mushrooms, and two links of turkey sausage
half an avocado with salsa spread on top

Snack and Lunch:
Two clementines
Many many handsful of dried fruits and nuts

Spaghetti squash with marinara, mushrooms, red peppers

Dried fruit and nuts. Many handsful.

No WOD today. Rest!


4 thoughts on “day seven

  1. Okay, so now I have to badger you with a million, billion questions about your WOE. Like, which version of paleo are you doing? And: Hunter/gatherers had bacon? (I get the bacon love. I spent a year low-carbing, and I ate bacon on pretty much everything. Bacon and spam.)

    I’m starting up a new blog about food politics (from a decidedly biased perspective), but its not ready to launch yet. We’ll see if I can even keep the darn thing going. There’s so many good food bloggers out there — intimidating!

  2. Heather: I’m excited for your new blog. Cannot. Wait. Love your writing and your thinking. As far as “which version of paleo” we’re using, we’re following Whole 9’s Version 5.12 here:

    I get the whole “cavemen didn’t eat bacon” line of thinking — that whoever came up with the term got it a little bit wrong. I mean, do we know if they cooked their food? Did the cavemen in what is now Canada eat coconuts and mangoes in January?

    The paleo lifestyle does have a significant contingent that intersects with locavore and raw foods movements, but our version clearly doesn’t.

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