day four


Today was the first day that I felt a bit waivering–like I might want to bail out of this whole business. Here’s why: I think I’m eating too much. I know that sounds crazy, but I am eating a lot.  However, I’m afraid of feeling hungry, because I know if I get really hungry, I might accidentally (or desperately) eat something I’m not supposed to. So I eat when I’m not hungry to preempt such disaster.

So, day four was:
two eggs scrambled with mushrooms, peppers, and onions

Banana, handful of dried fruit and nuts

Huge grilled chicken breast with peppers and onions

Dried fruit and nuts

One zucchini sauteed with some ham (this was kind of gross, but I ate it)

Shredded chicken mixed with some red pepper, avocado, and a little mayo

20 minute AMRAP Double-unders. I got 967. [AMRAP = as many reps as possible; double-unders describe jumping rope where one jump clears two rope turns.]


4 thoughts on “day four

  1. Are you following a meal plan or do they just give you a food list and you eat what you want from it? Dinner did sound gross, but your evening snack sounds wonderful. Thanks for posting the yam/apple pancake recipe!

  2. Hey Kathy! No, there’s no meal plan. It’s just restrictions: no alcohol, dairy, grain, or legumes. We’re also not allowed coffee for the first 30 days. It’s been a challenge for me because a) I don’t cook, really, and I *never* cook meat, and b) apparently I relied a whole lot on convenience foods with grain and dairy in them (like Annie’s Burritos). So I’m having to cook and figure out stuff to eat that doesn’t involve a tortilla and cheese. 😦

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