day three

I will say this: I am a little bit tired of brussels sprouts. But I bought a big bag of them at Wegman’s, and I don’t want them to spoil. I may have to chop them up and hide them in some soup, though. Also: they’re making the house smell a little. Well, a lot. The family is objecting, mildly, to the way the house smells like Kimchi, Chowder’s pet stink cloud. [Ah, these will be the sad little parenting references I have here: allusions to obscure cartoons on Nickelodeon. Radda Radda.]

But I am not tired of yam and apple pancakes. In fact, I ate a whole ‘nother batch of them today. Although I began to understand why I love them so much: they’re the only near-starch that I have access to. That is, I’m nearly eating a damn potato here — and a sweet one at that. So. I may need to re-assess the yam and apple pancake… except I love it.

Here’s the recipe:
One big yam (I mean big, like as a grapefruit)
Four small apples (I used Red Delicious)
Four eggs
Cinnamon to taste (I used a big teaspoon)
Ground cloves to taste (sprinkle it — a little goes a long way)
Olive Oil

Grate the yam and apples. I totally had to use my Cuisinart (or “squeeze-n-fart,” as Brian likes to call it) for the grating job. Grating a yam on a box grater is just hell on the knuckles. Plus, the food processor is fast. And also fun.

Mix the grated yam and apples with the eggs and spices. Heat some (2 Tbsp ish) olive oil in a frying pan, and spoon some small, like 1/3 cupsful, bundles of the mixture into the hot oil and smoosh them down, pancake-style. Fry until they’re brown, flip, et cetera. Oh. So. Deelisshuus.

Today I ate:
2 scrambled eggs and 3 pieces of turkey sausage
TEA (tea is saving me)


Huge chicken breast grilled w/ leftover broccoli and brussels sprouts
Handful of dried apricots

Pork chop w/ leftover broccoli and brussels sprouts

Four yam and apple pancakes
Handful of dried mango
Huge mug of tea

Today’s WOD:
“Jackie” [Link to YouTube video of some dude rockin’ this workout]
1000 Meter row, 50 45# thrusters, and 30 pull ups. My time was 13-something. [I should really keep better track.]


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