day one

I’m participating in a nutritional experiment with some other clients at CrossFit York: For the next 90 days, I’ll be eating a strict paleo diet to see if I can decrease my percentage of body fat and increase my performance at the gym. By “strict paleo,” I mean no alcohol, dairy, grains, or legumes. [The plan we’re using roughly follows Whole 9’s Version 5.12.] By performance, I mean my ability to execute the daily workouts with either increased strength, intensity, or both.

I’ve been doing some reading about paleo and performance-based nutrition, but not enough to articulately argue why grains are so evil. I can report that over the summer, I tried a “no-bread” approach to eating and felt significantly better in my gut–I also lost about 15 pounds (and a few pant sizes) over the course of about 4 months, though at the same time I was crossfitting at least 4 times a week so it’s difficult to attribute the results to the simple change in my diet.

So, today was day one. No significant challenges:
Huge mug of herbal tea

Broccoli, cauliflower, and brussels sprouts with some steak (leftovers from dinner)

Half a chicken breast with a whole avocado, chicken-salad style
Some dried vegies

Yam and apple latkes

Baseline: 5:30
[Row 500 M, 40 air squats, 30 sit ups, 20 hand-release push ups, 10 pull-ups]
Deadlift 1 Rep Max: 195


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