some kind of beginning

A quick PSA: If you’re pulling this blog in through the feed to read running reports and stories about baby Joshua eating Thin Mints, please note that I don’t run too much distance anymore and baby Joshua is now an 8-year-old. So, I’m sorry for that. I have a new obsession, though, and rather than start a new log of achievements and narration (I considered it), I’m just going to continue here where I left off. I figured it’s still me, right? And I’ll probably find reason to write about and post pics of the kids, too. Maybe.

One thing I’ve been advised to do is record my consumption. That way, smart people can see where I might make changes to help me improve my performance (and maybe tighten up things around the middle a little, if you get my drift). I feel like I eat really really well, and so this exercise will, I’m hoping, bring me new insight.

This was yesterday’s haul:

7:00a: mug of coffee + half and half (@2 tbps) [40]; plain oatmeal + honey (@ 1 tsp) [180]
9:30a: Lara Bar (peanut butter cookie) [220]
12:30p: hard boiled egg [80]; Chiobani yogurt (honey) [150]; handful of raw almonds [180]
4:00p: glass of Shiraz [150]; more almonds [180]
6:00p: pork chop [250] and half a zucchini (both cooked in some butter [102] + garlic); applesauce [90]; glass of Shiraz [150]
9:30p: half of a Kind plus bar [90]

Rough calorie estimate (rounded up): 1900. [Wow, that’s about 400 more than I thought it would be.] [I suppose I know where the extra 400 is coming from…]

*I also drink about 48 ozs of water a day, give or take a few, though most of it is before/during/immediately after a WOD.



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