oswego harborfest 10K

So, the last time I posted here was August 16, 2011. Just two weeks shy of a year ago. I like writing, I like writing about me, and I’m hoping here in a few months I’ll like myself enough again to begin writing about me earnestly again.

But in the meantime, I can log a race: 59:36 10K (9:36 pace). Run entirely by myself (i.e., no companion); passed people the whole way (started at the very back of the pack); fulfilled my goal to finish under an hour without any apparatus (i.e. watch or Garmin) to help me measure. However, I felt as though I was running a good bit harder than a 9:36, so even though I met my goal, I still was disappointed to not have run it faster. Especially considering that the last time I ran it, I ran it in under 57.


2 thoughts on “oswego harborfest 10K

  1. You are too hard on yourself, my dear. And you did well in the race–many congrats to you! You are also a lovely, lovely woman who deserves much appreciation–especially from herself.

    As my students from last fall would shudder to hear me say again: Erleichda, dearie. Erleichda. (I can practically hear them screaming now).

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