100 miles

So, I signed on to do 100 miles in December. Mostly, I signed on because the month of December is normally a month I quit running altogether, opting instead for lots of high calorie latte drinking and sudoku solving.

It’s the 8th day in, and I’ve got 26 miles down. I know this doesn’t seem like a whole lot, but oh my holy gawd, it’s a lot. Would you like to know how I know it’s a lot? Here’s how: today, the amount of food I’ve eaten is now more than even *I* am comfortable admitting to. Before I ran 6 miles during my lunch break today, I ate two huge peanut butter cookies. Then, when I returned, I ate nearly a pound of pasta — literally. I know this because the box boasted it had THIRTEEN ounces (and there, you must read THIRT-TEEN with that double T, in honor of my lovely LooMoo) of gross frozen linguini and shrimp. Gross frozen linguini and pasta that I inhaled. I can’t even recount dinner, nor can I talk about the bag of potato chips and can of Pepsi B brought to bed. Just writing about not writing about it gives me  heartburn.

Also: Scrubs: Med School? Seriously disappointing, so far. Except that Dave Franco is in the cast. Edited to add: and except that they used a Weepies song at the end of the episode tonight.


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