small victory

Big J plays hockey. You all knew that. He’s on a local in-house squirt team (squirt = 9-10 year-olds). He’d make the travel team in heartbeat, but the cost is double and the word “travel” means we’d be trekking as far as DE, MD, and NY (as well as all over PA) for games on the weekends. Maybe when he’s older and H can drive herself to all her events, then we’ll have time (and maybe the $$) for him to play on the travel team.

At any rate. This is Big J’s second year as a squirt, which means he’s about the biggest kid on his team, and he’s definitely the best skater. And I’m not just saying that. Big J is, like, amazing to watch on the ice. He goes from forward to backward in a sleek, side-switching spin and without missing a beat. He can stop with an effortless backwards lean, throwing a spray of snow up onto the boards.

He can walk just about any other kid down, and if he’s got the puck, no one’s catching him. Even though I’ve posted before about how much I love watching my kid play hockey, it bears mention again here.

They didn’t win today, but the one goal scored was a break away by the J-Bear.


2 thoughts on “small victory

  1. Your enthusiasm for J’s awesome skating makes me want to strap on a pair and come out to play! I love skating! Post a video sometime.

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