a [short but not unsubstantial] christmas list

A piano. I’m not picky. A small console, used — free, even — as long as it can hold a tuning and the action isn’t too heavy.

A Vic (AKA Garmin). This one is nice, but I’d settle for something cheaper or older, as long as it can tell me how far I’ve gone and how fast I’m going.

A second bathroom. We have, yet again, found ourselves living in a single-bathroomed house. We are seriously flawed in understanding our own limitations concerning home improvement. History proves that we do not learn from our own history. Said history suggests that we will 1) purchase a house based on “potential” and (low) cost 2) plan to use the money saved to capitalize on that potential 3) realize even with the “saved” money we don’t have enough to do what needs done to make the house even CLOSE to what it could be. And then 4) usually emerges as us frantically making upgrades to the house before we have to sell it. And PS: the house we find ourselves in how, while it is amazingly located and full of character, is already too small. The big and little Js have decided they no longer want to share a room.





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