ten hours of cartoon network

Please don’t call child protective services. Today the kids are off because of parent-teacher conferences. Since I have a strange teenager living in our house, I now am able to go to work without finding a babysitter on such days.

Except today that teenager has the slime flu, or whatever, and so she’s laying in bed half-conscious. But did I find a proper sitter for the boys? Nah. I’ve got a TV. During my lunch hour I stopped home and I observed they’d fed themselves Cup Noodles and left over pizza — I know this from the evidence left in the kitchen. But they were sitting in the exact positions on the couch and floor that I’d left them in this morning. They were dressed and warm and the house was intact. This afternoon I have to attend their conferences (I cannot bring them),  attend a budget committee meeting, and then work at the Major’s Fair on campus.

10 hours of TV is probably a LOW estimate.


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