the reason I don’t write about sports

I’ve been watching the series faithfully (well, as best I can — last night I fell asleep during the 6th inning). I grew up a Cubs fan, but our American League team was the Yankees. And now I live in Pennsylvania, so based on geography, I’ve cultivated some  excitement for the Phillies.

I’m struck by: How many eye-candy-type  players the Yankees have. Alex Rodriguez, of course, but Jeter, Teixeira, Posada, Damon, and Cano; and how few the Phillies have: Werth, Rollins, and kind of Utley (but ugh his Pomade hair??), and Lee, but just because he’s been such a fabulous pitcher.

I have still not decided on who should win. I watch each game rooting for the team that’s losing, or for the team who needs to win so that the series will continue. 

My fandom is unconventional. I worry about who’s cute, and who’s losing. No wonder this ain’t a sports blog.



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