un-ode to halloween

No, I don’t have pictures of my kids in their halloween costumes.  I convinced my oldest that having boobs means you’re too old to trick or treat; I pawned my middle child off on some family friends for the evening; and I did (reluctantly) chase the youngest (a white ninja, most often mistaken for a mummy) around the neighborhood.

Now the process of slowly, sneakily throwing the candy away begins.


One thought on “un-ode to halloween

  1. that’s a sucky boob rule right there. That means that chubby five year old boys CAN’T trick-or-treat, on account of their giant moobs, while grown ass skinny men CAN trick-or-treat. We had about 90 beggars last night, and a good 75% had bigger boobs than me. And I know I’m titless and all, but still…

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