Hannah and Madeline 2009, originally uploaded by madyonk.

There’s a person in my house. She’s 13 now, which makes me the parent of a teenager.

How did this happen? [Don’t answer that.]

Strangely, rather than feeling old, I just feel like she’s not really *of* me anymore. Like she’s not my kid, because she’s NOT really a kid, and so there’s this person in my house. She’s tall, she does a whole lot of homework, and requires rides to various places constantly. She eats a bean quesadilla nearly every night, and mostly remembers to put the cheese away. Last night she left 3/4 of a block of Colby/Jack out, which was annoying since cheese is a precious commodity here. I speak to this person: “You left the cheese out.”

She responds: “Oh! I’m so sorry.”

It’s odd, this body. In my house.


4 thoughts on “thirteen

  1. I cannot even wrap my mind around the fact that H. is a TEENAGER!! Good gravy, indeed.

    Loved the post. You are so right about that whole “How did this child who sprang from my loins turn into her own, independent barely recognizable person with opinions and thoughts all her own?”

    It just ain’t right, I tell ya.

  2. Hi Madeline,

    I know how you feel. Rubin turned 13 in July. Two days before his Bar Mitzvah, he leapt a fence and left part of himself on the fence post. A bunch of stitches. This reminded me that he’s still young enough to think he jump any fence, no matter how high, and after would be less worried about the bar mitzvah itself than whether he’s be able to place wiffle ball at the party.

  3. And she is gorgeous, like her mom. Oddly, the impression you describe doesn’t seem to fade. We’re two years on in this teen thing…and it gets stranger every day. Boy child is now taller than me by about 2 inches; we aren’t sure when it happened, exactly…I tend to blame wrestling, but he noticed it the other night when he had to look. down. at. me. At that point, I finally discovered that I’d been looking up for eye contact for sometime now. Strange beings, these teenfolk are. Tall, occasionally forgetful, and so very themselves 🙂

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