the running evangelist

So, apparently one thing I am good at doing is making people run who would otherwise not. [A newly converted buddy calls the process being Yonked. And I call her freakish ability to walk faster than I can jog being SHUSKOed. As in, “Hey, that walker just Shuskoed us.”]

I now have recruited a total of FOUR running buds here in York, which I do believe is a record for me. When I was in Parish/Syracuse, I topped out at 2, or 3 if you count the friend-of-a-convert who started running just as I was moving. So really, my conversion abilities are so strong I actually can actually convert people into evangelists themselves!

I could be a Ponzi scheme goddess if I tried hard enough, people.

Not only do I get them to run–I get them to run MARATHONS. And two of the 6* ran marathons as their very first race.

I seriously wish I could somehow market this. The problem is that I am a shit runner, and so any kind of legitimate coaching is out of the question. A couple of us have started running speed work at the track once a week (fun stuff–it makes the running go by a little bit faster, imagine!), but my speed work is still depressingly slow. I can maybe eek out a 2-minute 800, but then it takes me an entire lap to recover.

There are days when I sit here still. revising. the dissertation and wondering whether I’m really going to ever get through this** that I entertain the idea of sneaking back to school*** for some kind of exercise science degree.

It would be my luck though, that formal training in something I thought I could do well would ruin my ability to do so (or my confidence to do so) altogether.

* I could also count my daughter H and her friend V as converts, but since they are young and impressionable I won’t.

**I will.

***I won’t. Scads of family would disown me, for sure.


3 thoughts on “the running evangelist

  1. Great post!
    Now sign up for the Boilermaker, already!! (Little known fact: It is the job of all good running evangelists to run a yearly 15K with their converts.)

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