phineas trout

Hannah played Phineas Trout in the middle school play (Willy Wonka Jr) this year. As a 6th grader, she was one of the younger principles, but she did a fabulous job.

A mom caught one of the numbers and posted it on the ol’ Tube:

We did not film because *ahem* we were told it wasn’t allowed.


3 thoughts on “phineas trout

  1. Glad one of the rogue parents out there caught this! Why weren’t you allowed to tape? Did they have some professional doing it for profit?

  2. We were told to not film or take still photos during the show. I’m not sure why–it might actually be a copyright thing with the production (Willy Wonka Jr) itself.

    At any rate, the mom who *did* record is another teacher–a music teacher–at the school, so I assume she felt herself outside the rules.

    I’m glad she filmed it–but I wish that I could have filmed Hannah–there were a couple of other numbers I would have liked to have video of.

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