just to mix things up a bit

My attempt to see life from the sunny side has been mightily thwarted today:

Felt like total and utter crap, but went to work anyway. (Damn that work ethic.)

Muddled through teaching on a near-overdose of Motrin.

Meant to run the 7 listed for yesterday, which I skipped yesterday because there was literally never a free moment much less the hour and a half I need to run 7 miles, and a nice cold rain greeted me as I left the office. (I could run in the rain, really. The dripping-wet-sadness of a cold miserable runner would fit just perfect now. But I didn’t, so I’m counting the pity of my not having gone.)

Tried to cook frozen pizza for dinner in an oven that wouldn’t cooperate. (Stupid “new” appliance. Luckily we bought the home warranty. Unluckily, Tombstone has no microwave option. That would be gross anyway. Shit. Applesauce and Klondike Bars for dinner, anyone?)

Realized I left the Motrin in my office. (Probably a good thing, since I’ve already taken more than I’m supposed to in a 24 hour period.) Seriously considering the Children’s Motrin in the cabinet as an alternative; only slightly discouraged that I’d have to drink the whole bottle of gooj for it to make a difference.


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