on the disconnect

After our recent cross-neighborhood move, we decided to NOT have the cable hooked up to the new house. For us, that means no cable TV, no internet, and no landline.

The new house is adjacent to campus and therefore a >5 minute walk to my building, where there’s plenty of internet for the taking. We have cell phones with free long distance and whatever, so we’re covered there. As for the cable TV: well, I generally dislike cable for the simple fact that it feels like I pay a gross amount of money so my kids can watch loud obnoxious commercials and then repeat them, verbatim, back to me while I’m trapped peeing on the toilet. For instance:

Little J [runs in from the living room]: MAAAAAA!

Me [peeing, thus trapped]: ::sigh:: yez?


Me: Excuse me?


Me: Oh.

LJ [intensely]: Ma. We NEED these. They will save you time and energy.

Me: Oh.

LJ: Aren’t you glad I watch TV so I can tell you what we need??

Me [palm meet forehead]

So, the cable TV I am entirely unsad about. Plus, the kids are getting really good at Super Mario Galaxy.


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