really, it’s just for fun

I’ve been tagged more than a few times with the “25 things about me” meme on Facebook lately. I haven’t posted the meme myself, for reasons I’m still trying to articulate. It might be because I feel like I  adequately create myself in my online spaces without having to post another list — that is, everything I post via my status updates/twitter is a “thing” about me; I post about one “thing” about me once or twice a day — I’m keeping the social networking guilt at bay. It might be because I’m spending my Facebook time-quota on reading other people’s stuff, and don’t have time to write my own. At any rate, I haven’t posted the meme, and I probably won’t, but it’s not because I’m disdainful of Facebook, or of the several Fb requests I get a day to join causes, return gifts, and become a fan of stuff.

I understand that in being a part of Facebook, I’m agreeing to hang out and weed through my friends’ updates–most of which I find highly entertaining, highly useful, or — dare I say it — comforting in the social sense of “I’m not alone.”

Disdain for social networks is seriously incomprehensible to me. Suddath writes: “[the current meme on Facebook is]  just so stupid. Most people aren’t funny, they aren’t insightful, and they share way too much.”

My response? Ms. Suddath should extricate herself from it — pretty much my standard response to this tack. No one is forcing her to participate, and if she is annoyed or otherwise put out, well, no one is strapping her eyeballs to the monitor. I don’t think.

Plus, the list she compiled to illustrate how UNfunny the meme is appears to have proven the opposite, for me at least:

8. I eat gummy bears by tearing them limb from limb and eating their heads last.
9. I can’t grow hair on my arms.

14. I was born with an extra kidney. I wish I could have sold it on the black market and made some money, but it was underdeveloped and did nothing but cause me to wet the bed until the third grade.
15. I like to tape my thumbs to my hands to see what it would be like to be a dinosaur.

23. My friends say that when they shave my back, I purr like a walrus.

Maybe I’m obtuse, and Suddath is really arguing for how funny people are.  I nearly spewed coffee reading the last one about the back shaving. Or maybe I’m easy, or maybe I’m just simple.

I do know that disdain without examining a cause for such is pretty useless though. Wah.


3 thoughts on “really, it’s just for fun

  1. We just had a discussion in one of my graduate classes (Transnational Theory) about how Facebook is a a good representation of Walter Benjamin’s notion of “homogeneous, empty time.” Of course, for better or worse, almost all of us, including the professor, are on Facebook.

  2. I’m pretty late to the dance with these social networking sites, but I’ll tell you what — it’s not just superficial, as some people have claimed. With little effort, I’m able to keep a tie to many friends spread far and wide and those ties are developed in lots of way — through photos, through e-mail, etc. Sites like facebook make facilitate the maintenance of relationships. Or maybe that’s just the way I use it. In any event, I get super-irritated with folks who dismiss things like the “memes” out of hand by criticizing them with terms like “unfunny”, “uninteresting”, or “superficial.” Those folks remind me of our students who complain about work being “boring”.

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