explanation, snow day

So, a quick explanation for the new name here, and why I left the old acadeemom behind:  in doing some research about paper mills, I came across a website called academon (aca-demon), for which I will not provide a link for obvious reasons (hint: they sell academic papers). I did not/do want to be accidentally associated with such a place. Also: I’ve been wanting to change the name of my blog for a while — acadeee was feeling a little worn — and I wanted to reflect the new outlook I have on life as a result of an extremely hard last semester: the good gravy. Gravy is either the thing you put on something gross to make it palatable, or is the thing you put on something already delicious to make it even MORE DELICIOUS. And how did gravy get invented/discovered? Some resourceful cook needed to make some dried out, day-old turkey edible. S/he dipped into the fat, threw it in a pan with some flour (or sawdust off the floor), and viola (read: VY-OH-LA)! Life doesn’t suck so much anymore. Gravy is a little creativity and whatever you’ve got laying around. Or lying around. You know. sledding2022009sledding022009


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