two lists for friday

The hideous crap I’ve eaten today:
1 monster cinnamon roll
1 pile of the dissertator’s trail mix: Cheetos, Doritos, and Fritos
1 (admittedly smallish, because I needed room on the plate for above trail mix) roast beef and tomato on wheat
1 Grande Iced Coffee, cream and sugar
1 more monster cinnamon roll
(and just let me remind you that the day is not over…)

I think it’s safe to say that 1) I’ve eaten NOTHING of any nutritional value today, and 2) it’s pretty freekin’ obvious why I can’t wear any of my clothes.

The great music I’ve listened to today:
The Proclaimers _Sunshine on Leith_
Tori Amos _Little Earthquakes_
Sarah McLachlan _Fumbling Towards Ecstasy_
Edie Brickell’s _Ghost of a Dog_
Jimi Hendrix _Are You Experienced?_
Simon and Garfunkel _Greatest_
Rockapella _Primer_
Van Morrison _Best of_
Harry Connick, Jr. _30_

I had to take a writing break when Rockapella came up on the player to google Sean Altman. I adore his work and his voice; apparently he’s still around, singing with The GrooveBarbers, a name I’ll forgive him for, that’s how much I like him.


3 thoughts on “two lists for friday

  1. Too bad you’re far away because now Mr.Moose can’t make you the perfect drink for all those -ito snack foods: the mojito, of course!

    And who needs clothes? It’s summer time.

    I miss you so much that, although the name sucks, I’m actually going to click on that link.

  2. Madeline: What’s wrong with “The GrooveBarbers” as a name? In fact that was one of the four names in consideration by the four original members of Rockapella, the other two being “The Brandy You’re A Fine Girls” and “Piss Swordfight”, both of which were nixed for obvious reasons.

    Sean Altman

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