this is not a real offer for free kids

This pic reflects (heh), somewhat, the mirror situation in the living room. Since I originally posted about the mirrors, my mom has visited and remarked that they aren’t as bad as I made them out to be.

Well, this is my blog, and I’m prone to a little hyperbole for effect. Anyhow, even if they’re a little darkish and smokey, they’re STILL MIRRORS.

In other news, my kids are driving me nuts. They fight and demand and yell and I’m ready to ship them off to the first taker. Any takers? They’re cute when they’re clean. The older two are perfectly capable of menial labor (it’s just the coaxing/bribing them to do it that’s a bit tricky). The small one will tell you spontaneously that he loves you and that you are a “pretty mama” (even if you’re not) which makes his being around halfway tolerable. But don’t let his charming smile fool you: he has the potential for nuclear meltdown in the middle of [choose your favorite public place; today it was the Dress Barn].


2 thoughts on “this is not a real offer for free kids

  1. Oooh – pick me! Pick me! They ARE cute kids, even when slightly grubby, and I miss them lots. (Also, my ears perked up at the phrase “menial labor” – ’cause soon the Girl Moose will be gone and I haven’t a clue who’s gonna wash my dishes.)

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