Things are looking up. My hair, butchered into sad submission last fall, is regaining its endearing unruliness.

Since I made the cut, I’ve had many people — many of whom I adore — remark how much better it looked short. But it was simply strange looking in the mirror and seeing the coif of someone else, literally. I could never really own the short cut. I’ve never been a short-haired person. The maintenance itself is something I can’t be expected to keep up on (obviously).

The pony is a benchmark. A good one. Did I say things are looking up?


4 thoughts on “pony

  1. And here I just went and got all mine whacked off. Again. It’s a little less severe than what I usually have, and people keep telling me it looks “cute,” which makes me want to shave it all off and then get a giant tattoo on my head.

  2. I hear you on the “short-haired person” feeling. I’ve heard the same things (and mirror-mused in similar ways) over the last year. The pony is indeed a lovely thing.

  3. Me, I never could own the longer-haired thing. “Longer” because I haven’t had my hair longish since age 19, but I have tried a couple of times to go with a chin-length bob because I thought it would look more professional. I ended up always pulling it back.

    My version of the pony: being able to wet my hair and rearrange it with my fingers. I’m a kinda low-maintenance femme.

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