wed nes days

In York there aren’t “speed bumps.” Instead, we have speed HUMPS, which exist, apparently, in many other places besides south central PA — just so far I’ve not encountered one until here.

And hump day in York offers other new and exciting events: here, we get to watch TWO EPISODES of Corner Gas, a great Canadian sitcom our Moose neighbors turned us onto about a year ago. The Chicago superstation, WGN, broadcasts a show at 8 and 8:30.

Wednesdays are also different because B has signed himself up for banjo lessons. He’s been threatening to steal my banjo from me for a few years now (ever since I started the PhD, really) since I’ve neglected to learn. On his way home from work one day last week, he happened upon a guitar and banjo shop, stopped in to inquired about new strings, and found himself a teacher. I think what really pushed him over the edge into lessons, though, is Iron Horse, a bluegrass group that covers Metallica tunes. He’s got a dude crush on those guys, and every road trip we’ve taken this year has involved listening to “Fade to Bluegrass.”

I’ll admit that it’s a little different than what I’d imagined we’d be playing together, me on guitar and he on banjo (I was hoping for something more toward Union Station), but I’ll take it.


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