dissipateth…a perfectly cromulent word

Yesterday an amazing thing happened.

It was AMAZING, I say. You’ll never believe it.

I put little J and H into the car (Big J is still with Grandma), and after a quick spin to Target for some on-clearance shorts for H, we drove to Baltimore. AND IT ONLY TOOK 45 MINUTES!

Now, I knew we were close to Baltimore; our exit off I-83 is #15, which means only 15 miles to the MD line. But the plain act of getting into the car and getting to my friend A’s house in less than an hour made it oh-so-real. I was exiting 695 at Perring Parkway after about 40 minutes, and my fanny was not ass-leep! My eyes not burning from hours of squinting through a bug-bloodied windshield! My guts not roiling with carsickness and road burgers! I stepped out of my car in her neighborhood in Parkville and marveled. I no longer need a three-day weekend (and two full days of driving) to get anywhere.

So, the moving pangs lessened just a bit. In addition, I googled PA state parks this morning, and found that there are two parks within an hour drive, one with two lakes and one with an enormous pool.

The funk, it riseth. Or leaveth. Or dissipateth.


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