no more mr, no more pool, no more buddies. wah.

I got my official email address to from York, and alas, I am no longer Mr. Yonker (at whatever whatever) like I’ve been for lo these many years. Instead, I just get the M: myonker.

It’s the small, expected and insignificant changes like these that jar me.

Bigger unexpected changes simply foster a bit of resignation (and make me wonder why I didn’t expect them?). The struggle of the week has been finding a pool. The past several years we’ve been horribly spoiled by having friends with a great inground pool. Hot day? A trip to the Turo’s would fix that right up–whether they were home or not. We had our own public private pool. Here in town, a pool is much harder to come by, and is far more necessary (ack! the humidity is killing me!). Our friendly neighbors have invited us to visit “the club” where they swim (a local country club), but I am not a country club kind of gal. I mean, I am–because it’s the kind of place I would WORK (as a lifeguard)–but I would feel very out of place as a patron. Plus, I would be certain that one trip would immediately have H and the Js begging for us to join, which is not really in our financial future. Ever.

Other pools in the area are “club-style,” which means a family buys a membership and swims all season. Visitors are only allowed if accompanied by members. The local Y has an outdoor pool that you can buy day passes for, but they are $8 a person. It would be $32 for me to take the kids, and with my luck it would thunder after an hour and they’d kick everyone out (and probably not give us that literal rain check).

There is no city pool here, and to make matters worse, no public beach because — alas — there is no lake! Having lived 10 minutes away from two gorgeous lakes (Oneida and Ontario), each with both free and low-fee access, was something I clearly took for granted. I asked a neighbor where the nearest beach was and she answered, I think honestly (but probably not accurately), “Rehoboth?”

We do have a small brook that runs the edge of our back yard, which the boys spend hours in catching frogs and building dams and such. Another amenity is the Rail Trail, which Moose mentioned in an earlier comment, which runs from here south to the MD border (a little over 20 miles). I’ve used the trail twice for my runs, and it’s pleasant, shady, and well-used so I don’t ever feel like it’s creepy or lonely (although it would be least lonely with a buddy!)


5 thoughts on “no more mr, no more pool, no more buddies. wah.

  1. 1. in similar email news, i am no longer a palindrome (as i got to be for the past year). i like being a palindrome. better than being a hippodrome.
    2. mega bummer on the pool and/or beach. i was jealous of your previous blessings for just a sec, til i remembered there are three small persons to be kept cool and entertained. not just me. on the other hand, if i run through the sprinkler in the yard by myself, i will be looked at askance.

  2. Doesn’t it suck when friends/neighbors elevate your life style a bit and you come to find necessary things that you used to consider luxuries? We are Jonesin’ for the wireless as much as you are for the pool, I think. This dial up interwebs SUCKS.
    Am thrilled that the Js have their very own brook, however. I bet they LURVE that!!!

  3. Hahahaha. Just saw your most recent post and realized you’re near Maryland lol. I just started reading your blog not long ago, and I read lots of Canadian blogs, so when you said York and Rail Trail, I assumed you were in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) somewhere. I thought you were talking about York University in Toronto and this rail trail:
    How embarassing. Please ignore my silly comment.

  4. Hey Canuck: I figured you were mixing up York U and York College (here in PA). I still had fun looking at the links you gave me to lakes up in Canada. 🙂 It was you who actually reminded me — duh! — I can hunt local state parks down on the internet.

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