new food obsession–elvis nachos

This one really reflects my personality when it comes to food: I *want* to be a healthy, crunchy-granola, flax-seed eating nutrition zealot.

But I am WEAK. Weak I tell you.

So, what I have eaten at least once a day for the last week starts out sounding wonderfully good for you, and then BANG, the not-so-secret last ingredient pretty much ruins it for being tagged as “healthy.”

Quarter a whole wheat pita and toast it.

Glob (or dab, as you prefer) peanut butter on each toasted quarter. I like Skippy Natural.

Slice one banana, willy-nilly, over the top of the peanut-butter globbed quarters.

(And this is where the sane person would stop. Me = non sane.)

Take a handful of potato chips and throw them on top of the bananas.

The result is a plate full of nacho-like wonderfulness.

And of course: eat over the sink. Or, in front of your Google Reader, taking care not to glob the pb on your keyboard.


One thought on “new food obsession–elvis nachos

  1. Hahaha, that sounds SOOO good. I eat all snacks in front of Google Reader. Isn’t Skippy Natural the best? I could eat it with a spoon!

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