the *real* marathon training season

As D illustrates today in one of her signature acronym-busting posts, finding a proper marathon training schedule can be as painful as the training itself. Well, not really, but it sounded good.

But it’s only hard if you want to do something silly, like PR or BQ or run the damn thing under 5 hours. None of which I am particularly interested in doing*.

Anyway, since I’ve officially drafted an entire dissertation (let’s not get too excited here: much much much revision will be necessary), I’m rewarding myself with a full-marathon registration (the Wineglass in October), since now I will ostensibly feel less guilty spending 10 hours on my weekends running. Also, I’ve been able to convince Rb to run it with me–which adds a good deal of incentive for me to train.

Normally I go with the old standby, Hal Higdon, using the either the beginner or first intermediate mileage schedule, depending on how much of a wuss I feel like when I begin the training. This time I’m going to change it up, and go with this schedule, which clumps the mileage up a little more than Higdon’s and has at least two days of rest a week. Something I’ve noticed about my running is that I do really well if I let myself rest, and that I’m most prone to injury when I run for several days without an off day. Last year D and I ran a crazy streak, where we went every day for like 90 days**. I put myself out of commission for Buffalo in 2007 and ended up only running the half. (D of course, with her amazing biomechanics, extended the streak much longer than I could, and was still able to run the full.)

So, this schedule emphasizes the days off, some weeks giving me THREE days off. My kind of training. 😉 It starts on Sunday, and I am utterly and ridiculously giddy about the prospect.

*OK, it would be nice to run another sub-5 marathon, since I’ve only successfully done so one other time.

**This is probably exaggeration. I’m not hunting into the archives to confirm the exact days.


One thought on “the *real* marathon training season

  1. I think our crazy running streak did, indeed, last 90-ish days before we finally came to our senses. Aren’t you glad we’re older and wiser now?
    Thanks for the run this morning!

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