so close, and yet so far

After I finish the introduction today, which I should, considering its close-to-completion, I will have written an entire first draft of my dissertation.

And boy, is it still a mess (hence, the title of this post).

I’m back drinking coffee to ward off the yawns, eating to avoid the boredom of sitting in the same place all day, and running in the morning to make sure my body is tired enough to fall asleep at night.

The house, now that a contract is in the works, is slowly regressing back into a state of cluttered messiness, especially as I’ve taken back my favorite end of the dining room table.

Lucky for me, the kids have a new hobby:


2 thoughts on “so close, and yet so far

  1. i know i say this all the time, but THAT’S the kid that was in your BELLY when i moved here!!!

    holy cats.

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