the run-down

If you read me through an aggregator, you might not have noticed: I’m doing a lot of my updates through twitter now. I know I have quite a few readers who actually come (go?) to the academom site itself and read that way, so those visitors will already know that the current action is in the sidebar, not in the content box.

That doesn’t mean I’ll stop posting here (although the thought has occurred to me that it very well might be time to close up shop–more on that in a later post). It does mean that many of my updates are not getting through to all readers.

So, my life in some tweet-sized bites, for those who have missed the twitter side:

I finally feel like is OK to make an official announcement: I did go on the market this past year, and I did indeed get a job. I’ll be at York College of Pennsylvania in the fall. I’m thrilled–so much so that I still have to pinch myself to make sure it’s real.

I don’t have a nightmarish job-market narrative. There were some funny (both ha-ha and strange) parts, but nothing was particularly dramatic or hellish.

B and I spent the last two months getting our house ready to sell. I think if I have to look at another paint brush anytime soon, I’ll throw myself into the bushes. But the house looks really really great (thanks in large part to B’s parents, who traveled up several times to help, and my parents, who took my kids over spring break so we could refinish the floors).

We got an acceptable offer on our house just 12 days after it went on the market.

The key to keeping the house “ready to show” when there are three children in said house: put all of their toys and half their clothes in storage.

Date we’ll officially become Yorkers: last weekend of July.

On tap for this summer: Frankstock 2008 in June (family reunion) and my mom’s 60th birthday blow-out bash in August; two events which require me to get my guitar-playing chops back.

I am suffering with chronic fatigue. I’ve not been diagnosed, but the past couple weeks have been hard. By about 11 am I’m sleepy and coffee is pretty much ineffectual. I picked up some vitamins and I’m going to try to cut back on the junk to see if that will pep me up a bit.

This week is the “get ready for Buffalo” week. As in years past, I’ve spent the week before the Buffalo marathon intent on sleeping at least 8 hours a night, (good) carb loading, and drinking tons of water. This year, while I’ll only be running the half, will be no different.


3 thoughts on “the run-down

  1. Congrats on the gig! And glad to hear that it was neither dramatic nor hellish — both because I’m happy for you, and because such tales give hope to the rest of us.

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