Hi everyone!!!

This is post #500 on ye olde blog academom.

I have written 500 times here.

Hole. Eee. Sheet.

And since you’re here, I’m sending you away. Please consider buying my house. It’s beautiful and perfect and I don’t want to leave it, but I think moving the house to York, PA would be cost-prohibitive.


5 thoughts on “#500

  1. omg.

    now i see what all that freaking-out work was about. your house is gorgeous!!! if i had a job *i*’d buy it, and i don’t even like the snow!

  2. @tyra I totally know. I can’t ever look at another can of paint again, or I’ll run screaming, having lost my sanity completely.

    I’m ::this close:: to crazy. Getting a house ready to sell is h e double-hockey-sticks.

  3. aw, it doesn’t look as good without the kids running around in it and the cookies on the table and the socks on the floor.

    Please have a safe move, and congrats to you on completing the goat! And you’re still standing!

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