easing back into the blog

I’ve avoided blogging for a few weeks, simply because all I was thinking about was being miserable and stressed out. No one wants to hear any of that.

However, when your mom tags you, you oblige. So I’m back on the blogging horse, for now.

Five things in each of the following categories:

10 years ago, I was:

1. 22
2. A junior at Norfolk State majoring in English.
3. Mother to a toddler.
4. Living in Virginia Beach.
5. Writing a lot of poetry.

Today’s to do list:

1. Mop kitchen floor.
2. Try not to eat all day.
3. Do tons of laundry.
4. Try not to eat all day.
5. Write 500 words on the diss.

Snacks I enjoy:

1. Corn chips with cream cheese mixed with salsa.
2. Corn chips with avocado.
3. Granola.
4. Doritos.
5. Trail mix.

If I was a billionaire, I would:

1. Pay off my student loan, and all my friends’ student loans.
2. Put enough aside so I could write full time.
3. Give the rest away.
4. Give the rest away.
5. Give the rest away.

My bad habits:

1. I judge myself and others much too harshly.
2. I yell at my kids.
3. I don’t always “clean as I go,” which makes it hard to teach my children to do so (hence, much yelling about “Pick up after yourself!!”)
4. I squirrel time away reading crap on the internet.
5. I sometimes drink coffee too soon before bed, and then suffer with insomnia.

Pet peeves:

1. Tailgaters.
2. People who drive too slow in the fast lane.
3. Know-it-alls.
4. Ignorance.
5. Hypocrites.

Places I’ve lived:

1. Lincoln, NE.
2. Waukegan, IL.
3. Ceiba, PR.
4. Chesapeake, VA.
5. Colorado Springs, CO.

Jobs I’ve had:

1. Lifeguard.
2. Volleyball Ref.
3. Writing tutor.
4. Writing teacher.
5. Writer.


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