what I’m eating

I know that if I was a blogger worth her salt I’d consistently post pictures of what I’m eating. But I’m also old-fashioned like my 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Steinacker (or Steinbrenner, or Steinbergen-something) at East Butler Elementary School in Dwight, Nebraska. She berated her class of 7-year olds in 1983 that “not all books have pictures; in fact, smart kids can make the pictures in their HEADS, and you should be at the point where you’re making your OWN pictures, not letting someone make the pictures for you.”

/disclaiming preamble

1 ripe avocado. [Locally, the best are at Price Chopper right now, though you can’t go wrong with Wegman’s either. Stay away from Wal-Mart avocados. They will always make you sad, with their seemingly firm-yet-yielding resistance. You will bring them home and cry to find their innards brown and stringy.]

Mash the avocado with a few globs of cottage cheese and a generous generous sprinkling of garlic powder. If you have no cottage cheese, you can stick an ounce of cream cheese in there instead, though I’m trying to cut back on fat* so I’m doing a lot of substituting cottage for cream these days. Also, “generous sprinkling” of garlic powder is a bit of a euphemism; I tend to cover the top layer of the mash with garlic powder completely.

Spread on toasted whole wheat pita bread. Eat over sink. Use finger to squeegie remaining avocado from the bottom of the bowl.

*Yes, I know how fatty avocados are. But it’s a plant, and in my world plant fat doesn’t count.


8 thoughts on “what I’m eating

  1. I eat tons of avocado. It’s like it’s own food group. I eat it on and with everything. I justify this because I don’t eat cheese (which just means that I don’t eat it very often and if I do, not very much). But I agree that one should be able to eat as much avocado as necessary, without guilt.
    My new favorite is avocado, cubed, mixed with a can of beans (pinto or black), salsa and fresh cilantro.
    It’s like a party!! (A margarita on the side helps too!)

  2. Avocado. . . mmmmmm. . . Sadly, I am without them here.

    I second the plant-fat rule, which I also apply to coconuts.

  3. Sounds yummy! Avocados aren’t ripe right now so instead I like cream cheese (fatty) + smoked salmon over sink while kids eat crackers and cheese!

  4. Here’s an avocado recipe that I have been happy to know for a while– it also can rescue a middling tomato sometimes.

    You’ll need and avocado and some tomatoes. Cut up the avocado and the tomatoes. Put them in a bowl.
    Mix together a three to one ratio of soy sauce to balsamic vinegar. Or just start with the soy sauce in a bowl and add the balsamic vinegar until you like it. Put it on the avocado and tomatoes.

    This will reveal to you things about the texture and taste of avocado and tomato that will make you thank whatever higher power, intelligent designer, or ancient human with a good eye and a pointer finger recognized the value of the avocado and tomato.

    This is good on a nice pile of white rice or by itself. I also like it with a roast chicken, but since you’re a vegetarian now, I won’t add the roast chicken recipe that rescued me from a life of lousy roast chickens. In fact, from now on, I won’t even mention chickens and roasting together.

  5. R: Avocados, in and of themselves, make me believe in god. With tomato, absolutely.

    And I think you gave me the roasted chicken recipe already? Rub it with kosher salt??

    PS My vegetarianism is flimsy; I inadvertently ate pepperoni on pizza yesterday. 😉

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