beat down

Either I am catching what B stayed home sick today with (mild fever, headache, general malaise), or I am withdrawing hard from this being the first day (in many many) that I’ve denied myself coffee.

I drank a Pepsi in late afternoon, hoping to fend off an impending caffeine headache, and it seems to have worked.

However, my shoulders and neck ache, my throat holds a persistent yawn, and I’m chilly.



2 thoughts on “beat down

  1. I’ve been drinking a stiff mug of chai to fend off caffeine withdrawals. The box tells me it has a caffeine dosage somewhere between hot tea and soda. It has done the trick lately, and I tend to be a hard caffeine crasher (headaches, general yuckiness, etc.).

    Anyway, feel better.

  2. Take care of yourself! If it’s The Bug That’s Going Around, take extra good care of yourself. (I went through three boxes of the good Puffs. No joke. I was a snot factory.)

    Fluids fluids and more fluids.

    And hugs. Definitely hugs.

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