I’ve got to find another place to work

Aside from the fact that I am constantly bloated with muffin carbs, and from the fact that I really am in no position to be buying a $3 chai and a $1.50 muffin every day, I should really find another place to work because I always invariably end up, somehow, next to a couple who bow their heads to publicly pray–outloud–before they eat their grilled focaccia sandwiches.

I end up feeling equally annoyed and ashamed. In circular fashion. Annoyed that I feel ashamed that I didn’t give thanks for my own muffin–though god knows he’d just be telling me not to eat it, anyway. And annoyed that I would feel such a thing in the first place. Ashamed that I feel annoyed–ashamed that I would expect anyone have to censor themselves in my presence.

I should just go to the library. Their server blocks iChat, which keeps me off the IM. No one is really talking at all there, so I won’t have to worry about eavesdropping and hearing stuff that isn’t meant for me. I only have to walk quickly past the new releases* section and NOT look to see if they’ve got the new _Runner’s World_.

I just can’t drink coffee, or anything at all, there. And I need something to do with my hands and face intermittently while I’m writing, or else I can’t think of anything to say.

*The last time I worked at my public library, I walked out with an armful of books, one of which is Hack , a book written by a woman my age who quit her office job to drive a cab in NYC. And she started blogging. And she got a book out of the deal. It’s a fairly quick read (1.5 nights for me, and I’m slow), and it gets a little repetitive near the end, but I’m fascinated by the new phenomenon that is “blog-then-book-deal.”


5 thoughts on “I’ve got to find another place to work

  1. You heard that in all the conversation around us? I totally missed it. All I heard was the voice of woman who seemed to old to be the mother of the 4 month old baby that was testing various foods along with the elderly women who believe it to be their job to comment on the younger generation raising children, etc.

    I can’t decide which is harder – the many distractions of the public food emporium or the many annoyances of the supposedly quiet library full of people talking – to each other or on their *%@* cell phones and eating and crumpling paper and stuff.

    Distractions are good. That’s what I always say. When I don’t have any, that is.

  2. i love the hack website but haven’t read the book yet.
    you know that you get access to all of those magazines in digital form thru the library databases, right? 😉 lotsa great kid mags too.
    keep pluggin! will you be at 4Cs?

  3. If I believed in a personal god, I like to think she would definitely be annoyed by my giving thanks for those overpriced lattes bought with money I should be a) using more frugally and b) donating to the poor.

    So saying grace really is just askin’ for trouble.

  4. The library is usually a place that puts me to sleep. I guess every time I would go there, I would have to study, which made me bored/sleepy.

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