please learn from my mistakes

H is on her third pair of pointe shoes this year. My fingers are near-bleeding from sewing in the elastic and ribbon. The woman who fits H for her shoes reprimands me every time because I don’t make H sew them in herself. But *I* can barely push the needle through the thick elastic–how can I expect her to do it??

I complained, half-jokingly, that H is setting some sort of record for her studio in going through shoes. The saleswoman, a retired ballerina herself, looked at me aghast. “Professional dancers wear out a pair of shoes in about eight hours of use, and in ONE ACT of a performance…” She shook her head slightly at me, as if to wonder how stupid I could be.

Quite stupid, apparently. Here’s more proof (aside from having cultivated in my daughter a taste for the most expensive hobby a young girl might have): On the way home from pre-school on Monday, Little J complained of intense thirst. It had been his day for snack, and so we happened to have a half-gallon of chocolate milk, about a 1/4 full, in his backpack. While I knew chocolate milk–or milk of any kind, really–is no thirst-quencher, I still allowed him to swig milk out of the gallon jug. Luckily he did NOT spill milk in the car, but now he refuses to drink milk out of a cup. He’ll wander into the kitchen randomly during the day. I’ll hear the fridge open and the cap of the milk come off. Then I’ll hear him *thunk* return the jug to the fridge and *whump* shut the fridge door. And then he’ll wander back out of the kitchen, a small milk-trace on his upper lip.


Edited to add: Now he just passed me, walking from the kitchen into the living room, the jug of milk in hand. Great.


3 thoughts on “please learn from my mistakes

  1. I wanted to ask what the mistakes are? I don’t perceive any here, except maybe you letting that snooty ballerina lady intimidate you!! You are an awesome mom and that poor woman is so sad.

    As for sewing the shoes, you just need a thimble. I have a couple different ones–the leather ones are best for sewing thick stuff like pointe shoes. Bring some old ones, and I will work with H while she is here. She can so do this, too. bb

  2. Hello, found your blog through New Kid on the Hallway.

    My daughter, now 18, took ballet at the local university for about seven years, so I sympathize.

    And I second the thimble.

  3. I agree, thimble – I don’t have a leather one, maybe I will have to go shopping. I just laughed about the milk. I let my son sit in the front with my husband the other day and I took the back seat. Yesterday he tried it again. It is amazing how just once sets the stage! Could be worse things in life!

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